Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Entry #15: Superbowl and Such

Hey Collins-heads, it’s been a long train coming, but TC’s pulling into the station with his first off-season blog entry. On these cold, snowy, wintery afternoons, I tend to come to the Cheesecake Factory and order one Calypso Coffee with an extra shot of Malibu Rum, and then a round of good 'ol Dr. Jim’s Coffee, because TC loves Kahlua. Well since there is much to talk about, on with the blog!

The playoffs weren’t that exciting in TC’s household due to the absence of the Redskins. However, if you remember, I’ve adopted the New York Giants as my second team since my guys Amani Toomer and LaVar Arrington have been injured. The mood was quite festive for the playoff opener against the Eagles. I thought my arrival in time for the big day in Philly might be enough to put my adopted team over the top. Coughlin had to notice my thunder in practice the day before the big game, and I was told he desperately petitioned the NFL to officially adopt me for the playoffs given Eli’s struggles. However, Goodell and company must not have gotten the memo in time, so I was forced to the bench. It wasn’t so bad though since I got to party big time the night before the game. Being a frequent visitor to the Philly area, I took the liberty of bringing LaVar, Luke Petitgout and Carlos Emmons to the Aqua Lounge over on Girard Ave. The night seemed to be going well given TC’s unique ability to remember lady’s phone numbers – quite the successful bar trick. This is where the story thickens...

One of the many ladies I encountered on that evening looked like she came straight out of the Cheesecake Factory 2007 waitress pin-up calendar. With my glowing blonde hair, baby blue eyes, heavenly smile, and with the eye of the tiger, I made my way over to work the TC charm. Within two words and a wink I had her in my grasps. With five words she agrees to come back to the Philadelphia Four Seasons with LaVar, Luke, Carlos and I. Needless to say it was a fun night and I woke up the next morning in the hot tub. Before she leaves for the day she tells me her name is Lilly Reese and that her father is some big shot in the NFL, Jerry Reese or something. Anyway, it didn’t mean much to me. However, I’ll always have those memories of Lilly. Oh, and the Giants lost to the Eagles, but a great party is better than a great victory, although for some reason I am no longer allowed back with the Giants... But, that’s ok because I am confident I will be the leader of Skinhead nation in 2007.

The Superbowl was swell. Congrats to Cato June and Marlin Jackson for representing the University of Michigan with class and a respect for the game and mankind that we are taught from day one in Ann Arbor.

At the beginning of every year I book my annual ticket to the Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, figuring that the league will eventually pick up on my knack for not turning the ball over. However, I must admit that after being snubbed in 2002 with my 156.9 rating, I’m beginning to lose hope. Nevertheless, I like to keep the tradition alive. Everyone knows that the Pro Bowl is the ultimate in bragging rights. After a year of debating which league is better, we can finally get it all out on the field and put it to rest. I was happy to see Sean Taylor step up and send a message to the AFC by lighting up that shifty Running Back, Brian Moorman. I don’t know where I’ve been, but apparently Moorman is quite the back since he’s in Hawaii and came in 3rd in the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge Line Dancing event - to which I was a guest judge.

Ok, Skinheads, hopefully this catches you up on my whereabouts. Hell, I think I’ll have to come back for another Dr. Jim’s Coffee and give you my break down on the NFL Draft and some possible off-season moves.

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