Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Entry #17: You're Welcome for the Victory

Sometimes I like to only welcome the ladies to the blog, but this week I’m feeling so generous that I’ll welcome the gents and all those in-between kind as well. Football is back! And that makes TC feel like a young New Englander back on the Walpole fairgrounds. So, here I am at the ole’ C-Fact in the newly developed and ever expanding Collins Suite sandwiched between the Ripken boys. Since I’m working on my 8 pack abs and toned, muscular figure as football season approaches and beach season still has a little time left, I’m keeping it light today with a Shirley Temple and Fire Roasted Fresh Artichoke. Anyway, on with the blog!

Skinheads, to tell you the truth, I was supposed to have the week off. It’s been a little bit of a hectic time around the Collins household. With the job security at an all-time high as I enter my second year of many as a Redskin, and considering I’m just peaking in my mid 30’s, I’ve moved my lovely family into a floating mega mansion in the Potomac. Everyone knows TC loves the water, as well as big houses, so it’s a perfect combination. Still, I came to the game to give Jason and Palmer some pointers since they look up to my veteran presence…plus TC hasn’t had a good ole’ fashion post game party in the hot tub for some time.

But, let’s face it…how many of you seriously thought Papa Al and and Uncle Joe wouldn’t bring me in down 6 with 4 minutes left?? Sensing urgency for this all important first national TV appearance, I stepped out of the hot tub with about 7 minutes left in the game, threw on my jock strap, baby powder, gold bond, eye black and my ‘Skins gear. The rest was pre-season history…

Papa Al gave me the signal, took his head set off knowing I’d be calling my own plays, and just let the magic unfold. Obviously wanting to see if I’d been working on my game in the off-season, Joe decides to hook me up with the likes of the mysterious Burl Toler instead of the regular unit which was used to build up Jason’s confidence. Anyway, soon into my 2007 season the compliments were already flowing – as the announcer said, “this is the best the offense has looked all night,” well duh. So, 5 passes, 5 completions and a 113.3 QB rating later, it’s 7-6 Redskins. A job well done for TC, but to seal the deal I threw on the head set and called a few defensive plays and we’ve got a 14-6 victory. Pape Joe and Mr. Snyder the Limo Driver could hardly contain themselves.

Needless to say, lots of great athletes like A-Rod and Carlos Beltran take a year to adjust to big markets, and I’m well on my way to greatness in my second year.

Oh, and hot-tub party #1 was very satisfying.

Todd Collins


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