Sunday, September 2, 2007

Entry #20: The Dawn of a New Season

Hola Muchachas, after a brief period of technical difficulties due to envious TC haters, the blog is back!

Last night I took the liberty of celebrating the return of my blog, my incredibly successful preseason and being named the 2007 Washington Redskins starting the undergrads are back in town so McFaddens seemed like the logical choice. After scouting the talent pool and getting the VIP treatment with my $1 beers, TC was off to bed.

Needless to say that when TC goes out, it tends to be a late night. Therefore, I'm taking a break from CF and am currently blogging in my king size water bed while Andrea cooks up some peach danishes and hash browns with an extra large mimosa.

You might have caught yourself saying "Hey, where's TC?!?" during week 4 against the 'Ville. But as astute football fans as most of you are, I'm sure you realize that it is often preseason tradition to rest your more important starters in preparation for the regular season. Clinton, Chris and myself took the time to acclimate ourselves with the fresh faces on the 2007 cheerleading squad. But have no fear, TC will be under center for the first snap against the Dolphins and my mentor Trent Green.

Let's recap the preseason, shall we? The 'Skins went 2-1 in games played by TC, including 1-0 when I start, and 0-1 in all others. I continued to refuse to throw interceptions which should be expected at this point, as well as put up a QB rating of 97.8. I led all 'Skins QBs in completions, attempts, completion percentage, TDs, least times sacked, game winning drives, passes to Yoder, shags in the hot-tub, post game Julia's Empanadas eaten, hula hoop revolutions as well as high score in guitar hero at Tyler Ecker's housewarming party, shiny blonde hair and New Englandness.

Being named starter in week 3 was particularly gratifying, and I knew that my ten years of hard work in practice had finally paid off. My off the charts numbers and game saving drives obviously caught the eye of many on the coaching staff and they rewarded me with a start against a very stingy Ravens D. We won the game of course, and that brings up TC's winning percentage as a starter to 100% during this decade.

I'd also like to take a quick moment to wish a bon voyage to Jordan Palmer (who clearly didn't take anything away from my tutelage as he threw an INT in his NFL debut), as well as note how excited I am that Chris Cooley and I get to be teammates for 7 more years! I don't know if I'll be up for the crazy hot-tub fun we've had over the past year forever, but we'll see how I'm feeling at the age of 42.

Well peach danishes are sitting in front of me so that's my cue. I look forward to pleasing you all with my athletic fortitude during the next 16 weeks. And as always, GO REDSKINS!

Todd Collins



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