Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Entry #12: "The Source" Exclusive Confession

First off, in an exclusive blog entry, I am here to tell you, that Todd Collins is “the source.” Now, I know some teammates might have a problem with me and think I alienated the defense as our problem and left Gregg Williams out to dry. First off, Gregg with 2 g’s, I’m only reporting the truth of how I see it and frankly I don’t like the way you spell your name and that in itself is arrogant enough. Toddd’s got a serious problem with arrogance. So, here I am, Senor Springs, saying it to your face via the internet: Todd Collins is nothing if not an honest man and when reporters ask me questions, I’ll answer them, even if that means in a dark parking lot.

I’m glad that is off my chest, and I don’t think there is any bad blood between TC and the teammates. Someone had to light a fire, and I did it as I often do. Needless to say, the defense responded. Greggggory and company shut down anything that Carolina tried to do. Delhomme to Smith was no more potent than a bottle of Jeter cologne, and Carolina struggled to move the ball all day. However, Jason didn’t listen to me and threw his first NFL interception. Normally I would be upset because I don’t throw interceptions, but I had to take a step back and realize that a young TC was also turnover prone and it wasn’t until wiser times that I figured out I just needed to avoid those – hence no INTs since 1997. Jason will soon learn this. The problem was that most of the passes were also hitting the ground and we had about 60 yards of passing up until the last magical play. You’ve all probably heard on SportsCenter or George Michael’s Sports Machine that Jason’s headset went dead on the 3rd and 8 TD to Cooley. Yes, this is true. However, let me tell you the whole story…

Jason gets in the huddle on a huge 3rd and 8 play, with the game slowly fading from our grasps. Big Al radios in a play, Jason looks at him wearily due to the inept passing game that Al had called all day, and in a move well beyond his years turned off his headset. Next thing I know, Jason looks me in the eye and we connect – he wants me to call the play. I take a quick look in the huddle, and it might have been the mixture of my chimichanga with extra spicy guacamole and painkillers, but I see Angels around Chris Cooley. Being a big Fox Family Channel fan, I knew that Angels on a sports field tend to lead to good things. I call Chris’ number and Jason gives me a silent nod. The rest is history…Angels bounced those guys off of Chris and led to the best post-game hot tub party this city has ever seen.

Ah, yes…it’s been an eventful week full of Skinheads, Sources, Angels and Yoders. I’m about done with this Shirley Temple and Godiva Cheesecake, plus Cindy is ready to go home. So, we’re 4-7, in last place, and hurt our draft status, but victory in the hot tub never tasted so good.

Todd Collins
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