Sunday, December 23, 2007

Redskins vs. Vikings: Live Bloggin'

Game Wrap-Up - As I said last week, TC loves two things - blogging and winning. Therefore, this ties the previous two weeks as the best weeks of my life. I had a good time leading scoring drives, throwing touchdowns, not throwing interceptions, calling the defense in the first half, and writing some mandolin classics on the sidelines. Final stats - 22/29, 254 yards, 2TDs. That's good enough for another 100+ QB rating, and if it's should be. Those days of 5-7 records and not making the playoffs in the Jason Campbell era seem long ago. I gotta go get my groom on for all this post-game love I get. I might go with black on black like last week. Ok, I'll catch you all later this week. Happy Holidays from TC!

11:10 -
Being a team player, I'm gonna give Clinton a bunch of credit on that drive. However, TC is a master slant passer which accounted for about 90% of that score.

11:00 -
Not to be out done by Tavarias, TC had to show his mobility on that first down run. But TC can follow it up with a beautiful pass. I wouldn't worry about the fumble, I've got like two verses left..then I'll wrap up this game.....nevermind, back to the field!

10:47 -
I'd like to take this brief minute, while I watch the Vikings march down the field, to remind you that my interception-less streak has been extended to ten years, two games, and three quarters.

10:36 -
It's been awhile since I've touched the pigskin, but I'm kind of glad Minnesota recovered that onside kick. I mean, we're gonna win anyway, and I'm really making some progress on these songs I'm writing on the sidelines. Be sure to pick up my CD in 2008.

10:23 -
25-0. After a lively half time which included reggaeton and Irish jigging, we came out with some pep. I decided to show my versatility by throwing a pancake block on 3rd and goal.

9:48 -
Halftime Entertainment!

9:42 -
I will now only respond to Todd "el saviorrrrr" Collins with lots of rolling R's. Looks like Clinton has picked up on my throwing lessons to Jason. I'm on my way to another 100+ rating. 22-0.

9:25 -
Godly deep ball to Santana...never had to break stride. 16-0.

9:21 -
This is getting absurd. The defense is forcing me to get on the field faster than you can say "fire-roasted fresh artichoke." Anyway, that three and out I just orchestrated should teach them a lesson. Time to do into my fire-roasted...CHRIST, back on the field.

9:12 -
So the TC-sneak comes a week after the Madden preview, but it's just as effective. A few nice screen passes set up a fake FG attempt which I created after 12 years on special teams. The result? Negative. Still 9-0

9:00 -
Ok, I know some of you are thinking that the fumble was quite an un-TC thing to do. But, how many of you have kept a meatball marinara in Mark Brunell's hand-warmer for an entire quarter? I had to get back to the sideline.

8:50 -
TC with a jump shot into Cooley's arms that would make Detlef Schrempf jealous. Now that I'm officially on the way to 3-0 as a starter, it's time to second guess Joe's week 1 decision to go to Jason. Extrapolate this record to the entire season and we're 15-0 after today...look out Patriots.

8:35 -
Something I've been teaching Jason throughout the year is that the most effective passes are in the air for less than 5 yards. I'm an extremely accurate shovel passer, so we've worked that into the playbook this week. Smoot's been eating those power bars again...but runs out of bounds inside the ten (as we had discussed) so that TC can pad those legendary stats on this contract year. Rats, I gotta get back on the field, 2-0.

8:27 -
Al loves opening up the passing game when I play, so I think they were ready for it. Some monster giant of a man bats my first pass down, then a Collins special (screen pass) goes for nada mucho when Sellers can't break a simple tackle. Well, time to go unwrap my meatball marinara before next possession.

- About an hour before gametime and I'm getting out of the hot-tub after a nice rub down and eyebrow plucking from Papa Al Saunders. Next step is to get the hair set since I've been running around in this Minnesota snow all morning trying to get Andrea a nice Christmas gift, as well as something that shows my appreciation to the staff of the Cheesecake Factory. Then I'll get my right arm well oiled and ready to go. We control our own destiny now...of course TC doesn't believe in destiny - only hard work and sacrifice. Wish me luck!


Alex said...

if only you had an arm...
ever consider spending some time in the weight room?

Trey said...

I'm worried that Tavarius Jackson might become better throughtout the game just by being in the same stadium as you.

Warrior1971 said...

Darn good TD throw TC...... Don't let Papa Al get conservative on us tonight...

Todd Collins said...

Warrior - When TC plays, TC runs the show. I wouldn't worry about us getting conservative.

Trey - Tavarius hasn't had the privilege of sitting on the bench and watching masters of the craft for 12 years. I didn't get this good overnight

Warrior1971 said...

Chants from the Stadium.......Hail to TC....Hail to TC...

Keep up the good work TC#15.

Dinger said...

TC: I'm loving the blog. But why so long between posts. I thought you cared about the blog.

Trey said...

Is it too late you get you the Pro Bowl?

TC For President 2008

Todd Collins said...

Dinger - Not only am I busy live blogging from the sidelines, but I'm trying to put some lyrics to some love songs I wrote for Andrea.

Trey said...

Masterful drive TC. Are you still calling the plays for the defensive unit?

Warrior1971 said...

TC, Put the finishing touches on this game, let get ready for Big D.

Todd Collins said...

Trey - Only in the first half today

Dinger said...

TC: Sarah says you're a butt head for not responding to her face book messages. I thought you should know.

A Fan in Williamsburg said...

TC, Is it true that Jessica Simpson has asked you for a date after next week's game with the Cowboys ? I guess she can see the hand-writing on the wall.

jasoncampbellwho? said...

TC - at a young 36, you're the future of this team...and the future has never looked brighter.

Warrior1971 said...

TC, it may be a good time to secure up a contract extension.

PK said...

In TC we trust! thanks for a great game!

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