Friday, December 7, 2007

Wrapping up Week 14!

Things are happening so fast around here, but I wanted to get some blogging done before I have to meet with Reebok, Powerade, Nutrisystem and Vermont Teddybear executives about some really grand endorsement deals.

It's been such a great afternoon as I've just woken up from my post-game slumber party with Chris Cooley and Smootalicious. After the game last night, I got a call from Cheesecake Factory president Max Byfuglin who told me that the Collins Suite would be open all night and that he had assembled his finest staff of waitresses, scantily clad bus-girls, a top shelf open bar, a nacho cheese fountain, a chocoalte fondue fountain, three hot-tubs, two ponys and one guitar hero arcade machine. It was quite the party, and we literally kept the place open all night. The Collins Suite comes fully equipped with a waterbed and velvet love seat, so TC, Smoot, Cooley and Coolio all crashed there for the night with some very special guests.

All that being said, this blog is mostly to thank Skinhead nation for your support of my starting QB job. When I won the job out of the the preseason, I really thought this move would be made sooner. However, patience is a virtue, and TC is a man of integrity and patience. I've sat and watched as my mentee Tom Brady has won superbowls and supermodels knowing that my day would soon come. So I'm sitting on the bench yesterday with my helmet on in order to protect my hair from the cold (as you saw in my post-game interview) when Gibbs walks over to me and says, "son, lead us." The rest is history.

I am now undefeated as a starting QB since 1997. The 144.6 QB rating that I'm sporting this season is second only to my legendary 156.9 rating in 2002. And most importantly, the interception streak is still alive at ten years. You saw me throw 54 yard bombs to Clinton, exhibit deft touch to Betts and make Yoder look like Cooley. I don't want to book my ticket for Hawaii just yet, but let's just say that my travel agent should be hearing from me sometime soon.

Ok, well I gotta get back to partying. No practice for TC since I've had Papa Al's playbook memorized for a good seven years.

Take Care and you'll be hearing from me early next week.

Todd Collins



Timothy said...

TC is truly the man! You're clearly the best QB in the league right now, and I know that Tom Brady will need to remember everything you taught him when you play each other in the superbowl.

Seriously, though, you played a terrific game, and I have faith in you and the 'Skins!!!

Anonymous said...

Man of the match, man of the year perhaps. Even Springs was inspired to play football. Grinding wheel of death may halt Dark Empire in AZ. Cheers my man! Enjoyed it.

dt said...

You are the best QB in the league at humor. Maybe in 20 years, after your enshrinement, you can take Sonny's place to add some humor to Larry's oldtime play by play in the booth while correcting London on all his disjointed color commentary.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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