Thursday, December 6, 2007


Final Score: TC's Muchachos - 24
Griese's Gringos - 16

It was great to get a hug in after the game with my main man Brian Griese. But it was even greater leading you to victory tonight.

I'd love to stay and blog, but I must bask in the glory of my victory with post-game interviews....then it's hot-tub time.

Signing Off,

Todd Collins


Jeff said...

Great game TC! Hope that your first victory in about 10 years will give you plenty to blog about for the next couple months. I am sorry to see that your salary per pass just plummeted though. Oh well, can't win them all.

Anyway, it's about time you got some game time. It's been so long, even forgot what position/team you play for. Go to the game recap and click on your name, Todd Collins (since I know you always love to hear your own name). I didn't know you played LB for the Rams in your spare time although I should have known you must have been doing something since you weren't playing QB.

Patrick said...

You da man TC! I believe in you and I know you WILL lead us to the playoffs!

Tyler said...


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